On my blog I usually stick to waste reduction or recycling topics.  Something a little different this time …

Urban Impact gives a lot of money to charity – I am pretty proud to tell you.   We give money in three primary ways, they are:

  1. Free recycling services for charities
  2. Shredathons scheduled in Spring and Fall where we partner with other organizations such as VanCity to provide a service and donate proceeds to their charity of choice
  3. Twice monthly Shred Days at our Richmond & Calgary offices, where our staff pick the worth charity to donate the proceeds to.

In May 2016 we will be fundraising for The Arbutus Support Council (a sponsor group including family members of an Urban Impact employee) who has taken on the task of raising money to place and transition a Syrian family to Canada.  They will be supporting the Al Khaleif/El Hama family who are currently living in Lebanon and are originally from an area of Syria near Hama. There are three boys in the family aged 5 months, 2 and 4 years.

During May if you have any materials that need to be shredded, please consider coming to our Richmond location to drop off your materials.  They will be shredded right before your eyes.  All the monies collected for the May Shed Days will be donated to this worthy cause.

May Shred Days are on May 4 and 18th for details and map please see: http://shreddays.urbanimpact.com/ for details.

Thanks for your interest, spread the word and let’s raise some serious $ for this wonderful cause!

(photo credit to www.cbc.ca)